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Lucas González

I’m an enthusiast that professes, (always did) an enormous affection for building, conceiving, constructing, discovering, creating.


Having received formal classical training and at the same time uncovering other tremendously vast musical worlds, such as Flamenco, Latin American Folk, and later on; Jazz, funk and world music, I started considering myself a professional musician in my early 20’s. 


Having discovered and studied composition and at the same time dawning into the profession of arranging, i started to recall and grasp the old times purpose that once was the aim for it all; the persuit of creativity.


Currently I work as a professional arranger and performer. By the time I am writing this words, (May 26th 2021) I am releasing an álbum, a book and a music course for musicians and arrangers.




Ponce de Leon 1,

Arcos de la Quinta
Marbella, Spain 29679


Tel: 0034-685-769879

© 2021 by Lucasgonzalezmusic. 

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